From small one-off projects, to ongoing support and development, I’m here to help you build a strong and engaging online presence.

My standard rate for all services is $120/hour + HST.  I also take on a limited number of discounted projects – I know budgets can be tight, but that shouldn’t be an obstacle for good causes!


User Behaviour, Online Strategy, and Requirements Analysis

I can help you refine your understanding of your target audience, then build an engagement strategy to make sure you are serving their needs.

I’ll take the time to learn your context and really understand the problem you are facing, then tap into my experience with online technologies to advise on an appropriate and effective solution.


Web development

I am a builder at heart, and in my element when I have a project to dive into.

My web framework of choice is Django, though I also have extensive experience working with PHP (including WordPress/Drupal), Rails, and Java.  I work at all levels, from system architecture down to optimization and bug-fixes; and my work ranges from improving an existing setup (ie adding a custom WordPress module), to building entire new systems.

I also do front-end work (javascript & css) – taking existing graphic designs, adapting them for the web, and building them into a website.  Unfortunately I do not do graphic design work myself; however I know a number of excellent designers that I can recommend and/or sub-contract.


System Integration

The Internet today is all about integration: there are plenty of services that can add value to your website, but the trick is getting everything to play together nicely.  I’ve worked with many of these services, including Stripe credit card payments, twilio phone capability (SMS and voice calls), geolocation services, and more.


Systems Administration and Infrastructure

From server setup and maintenance, to managing domain names and internet security, I can ensure that your web application continues running smoothly after it is built.  I have used cloud services such as Amazon and Heroku, as well as maintaining my own hardware.


Disaster Recovery

Hackers and spammers give tech people a bad name … but they are a fact of life.  If you’ve been hacked, I can get you back up and running as soon as possible.  You have better things to do than worry about than hackers – I sympathize, and want to mitigate their impact as much as possible.