Francis Kung

I’m an engineer by training, and a software developer by trade. I’ve recently entered the freelance / consultant world, and am looking for good projects where I can apply my skills in web development and online engagement strategy.

I specialize in early-lifecycle projects: moving from concept to prototype/pilot, and building a solid foundation for future scaling, though I can be involved in any stage of a project.  I’ve also worked with clients ranging from small start-ups to multi-million-dollar organizations.

Before entering the freelance world, I spent five years working at Engineers Without Borders Canada as the Director of IT, exploring the role of technology and the Internet in promoting social change.  My job was to connect our 40,000 members across the country using online tools, and to make the best use of the Internet in our public outreach, advocacy, and fundraising campaigns.

Prior to that, I worked for Red Hat Canada on the open source Java team.  I was there when Sun open-sourced the Java platform, and was a founding member of the Iced Tea project.  While I had been exposed to open source software beforehand, my two years at Red Hat gave me a chance to really see how things work.

And while there are many good non-profit people who get technology, I’m always on the lookout for good technologists who really understand non-profits and community.