To everything there is a season…

This is a repost of an email I sent out last fall, telling everyone that I was leaving the EWB office…

I hope you’re doing well – and sorry for the mass email. It turns out I know a lot of people in EWB, and I wanted to reach out personally (ish, at least), before you saw this in a job posting.

As you might have guessed from the subject, I have decided to leave my position in the EWB office. Coming to this decision over the past couple of months has been bittersweet… after 5 years in the office and 10 years in the organization, there is a lot that I will miss. But I am also excited for the future, and the possibilities it holds.

I won’t make this too long and drawn out (though I’m always available to chat if you want!), except to say that the people of EWB have always been my motivation in this work. Knowing that there are people like you out there, and seeing you all come together to make amazing things happen, is what gives me hope. Hope that, despite all the crazy problems in the world, we can – we will – change it for the better.

Officially I wrap up at the end of November, and most of that month will be spent on transition. For the chapters that I am buddied with, I will continue working with you until then – feel free to reach out if you need anything, over the next months or beyond. EWB has always been a community, not just a collection of formal roles, and I have no intention of leaving this community.

It has been a privilege to work alongside all of you, at one point or another… but to everything there is a season, as the saying goes, a beginning and an end. And while the seasons are changing for me, I am proud of what we have accomplished together. I am confident in our shared values. I believe in our collective action. And I remain committed to a world free of injustice.